Holler (Portland Arts District)
When: October 1, 2010 5-8pm
Where: First Friday Art Walk (Congress Square) Portland, Maine
Free to the public

After four years of collaborations Creative Trails, Spindleworks and Yes Art Works has given a name to their joint adventures, STIR Art Collective. They are pleased to announce Holler the 4th annual partnership! The exhibition is the result of two summer workshops consisting of 40 plus artists working with several mediums. While creating their pieces they are unifying their community as artists with intellectual uniqueness. The body of work ranges from fine art, digital media, installations and gorilla art tactics that exemplifies the concept of their cultural importance as artists.

Holler will be launched at the October First Friday Art Walk, in the heart of the Arts District. The buzz of the night will be infused with digital media and conceptual work that engages all viewers throughout Congress Street. This is a must see historical event that will leave you in awe and the need to “Holler”!

Holler (158 Picket St Cafe Show)
When: February 15-March 15th, 2011
Where: 158 Picket St Cafe South Portland, Maine
Free to the public