It’s the season of fun, of travel, or of just staying put in your favorite location because—check it out—you live in Maine, vacationland. In the latest whimsical collaboration between Creative Trails, Yes Art Works and Spindleworks, a variety of mediums are used to explore the idea of travel, adventure, vacationing, and favorite pastimes. In the exhibit Venture, you’ll find magical trains ready to take you to your own dream land and souvenir postcards to send to loved ones back home.
Venture marks the culmination of the third annual merging of Creative Trails, Yes Art Works, and Spindleworks which set aside two days during the summer to join forces. Over 40 artists from the three thriving art centers gathered at the sunny studio/gallery space at Creative Trails on Forest Ave in July for two intense mornings of art making. After mingling with friends and making new acquaintances, the artists set to work on different projects from drawing on maps to building trains. Glue guns, sharpies, paint brushes and bottle caps were shared among the tables spread through the spacious facility. Staff from the three programs moved between stations to facilitate and encourage the artists. One staff helped secure different wooden pieces to the train of an artist with limited sight. Another staff helped find Westbrook for an artist on a large wall map of Maine. One artist drew on the map a boat in Boothbay , and a memory of a family visit there.